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Sing Snap is healthy for relieving stress

Trevor says that Sing Snap is healthy for people


Trevor is the president of the Karaoke site Sing Snap, located in Canada but with members around the globe.

He talks here about how kindness, gratitude and singing can relieve stress and make people happy when sad.  That singing is healthy.

 I agree.

And by providing a platform for people from around the globe to de-stress, have fun, and meet fine folks from all over the world, look at how many people he has helped and will help in the years to come.

Sing Snap is healthy for relieving stress

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A re-post from 2009


1st Posted on 25 Apr 2009 | Tagged as: blog

 April 25, 2009

Last year in July, I started on the karaoke available here on My Space.
I did the ten free songs. One I re-did.  I’ve gotten some nice compliments and some more critical too. But as I wrote on July 11, 08, this is for fun not to try to impress anyone. I’ll probably pay for a year when I can afford to and try some more.
And singing can be fun.
The computer I now have actually plays the recordings so I can listen to other great singers and even some not so great. But like I said then if you’ve got the guts to try, that says a lot.
I hate auditions. Let me explain. Once I did an audition for a college group. I passed the first one and then for the second one I changed songs. A mistake I’m sure. I didn’t really like the rules of the group.  And even though the group represented the university, students were the judges. They were kind but the audience, mostly the girls would have stoned me I’m sure had rocks been available. I didn’t get in but lost no tears over it.
Still I dislike auditions as generally the director of, say a play, picks who he or she wants or thinks will fit the part. I know this having been a director myself..
At another college audition, a non-singer got a singing part because the director had promised him a part. The funny thing about that was that at the performance time many of the fine singers had the flu and sounded worse than the non-singer did. But the play’s several showings went well anyway inspite of some less than perfect warbling.
Fast forward to 2009, I was very impressed with Susan Boyle and Paul Potts on Britains’s Got Talent. They both proved what I’ve always said: “Many of the best singers, male and female, and actors and actresses will never get the chance to be known by the world.” Its great that they got their chance.
Also on that series, a trio of young girls (Soul something or other) started but were stopped by the judges who exclaimed that they were very bad. And they did this in a less than kind fashion. The one girl admitted that they were perhaps bad but that their rude handling by the judges was not right. I agree. I think that it would take a lot of courage to go onto a TV broadcast and before an audience of 4000.  This should have at least brought an acknowledgement of their bravery if nothing else.
The girl had another good point, Wouldn’t it be great if the judges there or in any such thing, performed something to show that they had a right to judge?
I’ve been to karaoke nights where when things are slow or not very good, the DJ will do a song or two to demonstrate how it can be done. They are always very good but of course they do have an advantage having heard the arrangement and practiced before showing up that night, where the audience members have no clue what is even available before that evening.
A member of the Master Singers, a male chorus I belong to, and his wife stopped me at the Boy Scout Expo this morning to ask why I was missing practices. I’ve been busy with Lincoln Shows and my own storytelling-singing shows. Sunday we are to sing in a Church service. Not having practiced, I’ll not go.
I have been invited to join the Southern Utah Heritage Choir by two of its members. That’s twice in a week. They go to Singapore in October to sing. It would be fun. But what with dues, travel costs and lost wages,etc.(I can sing in the church choir for free).

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Learn in a friendly environment

How can a person practice in front of a friendly audience until he or she becomes better and comfortable in front of an audience?
Two girls, who grew up on the same block as myself, sang together. Their mother saw to it that the duo sang on a regular basis in church. They were bad sounding, very bad but we endured their singing meeting after meeting. Of course no one claps in church and no one would tell them they were bad. So they kept singing. You know by the time those two little girls were 17/19 they sounded fantastic. Why the change?
Well over the years no one had discouraged them and with enough supportive practice they became good. But it took years.
Most of us don’t have years and we don’t have such a supportive audience of friends who will encourage our efforts. So what can we do?
My idea is online Karaoke sites.
Most of them give free memberships to get one started, paid memberships cost little and can be paid for by the month or by the year. Some even offer contests to win memberships or let others sponsor poorer members. And friendships are developed sometimes for a life time even leading to marriage in some cases. And the folks on the karaoke sites are friendly and supportive and encouraging. One can record multiple song recordings daily, as many as one wants, get to listen to and edit before others can hear and then when others do, get feedback from a friendly audience. One doesn’t have to wait the years that the sisters had to wait. You can get right at it and improve in a friendly environment.
I’ve recommended these two sites before but here we go again.
Go there now and sign up and get started vocalizing.

Some good advise in song from “Summer Stock” the movie with Judy Garland:

“If you feel like singing, sing”

Catch you later.

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Who sings Karaoke?

Singing to pre-recorded music is Karaoke.

Who does that? Just the girl at the mall in the Philipines?  Watch her now:


Most people on American Idol, X-Factor, America’s Got Talent, Britain’s Got and every other country that has such contests sing to canned music.         Here’s an example that’s been very popular.


Susan Boyle’s first time on Britain’s Got Talent which now has an amazing
124,292,663 video views.  this is a great example of Karaoke singing.

When you go to a Karaoke DJ at a party or an event and he throws the lyrics up on the screen and you’ve never heard the arrangement before or it’s in the wrong key for your voice, the performance isn’t nearly as good as Susan’s fine performance.  But anyone given the right chance could most likely do the same as she did..

Listen now to a lady, Esthelle Kok from Holland do an online Karaoke performance. She lived in California as a girl. No video just fine audio. http://www.singsnap.com/karaoke/r/c67fad23e

She’s singing to her husband.

I bought a portable Karaoke machine with two microphones, CD player, 2 deck tape player and radio for $46 at a pawn shop.   Another time I bought a larger machine that also played 8 track karaoke tapes with a box of tapes for $50 at a thrift store. (It still plays fine with great sound. Why get rid of it if it works?)  You can purchase all kinds of great machines at this site:

http://www.gincomes.com/7762/     Jay’s place for Blog and Info Articles

Scroll down until you get to the “I recommend” box and click through the numbers, as only 4 items are listed per page until you come to the fancy with display screen machine: Karaoke USA Karaoke System with 7-inch TFT color Screen and Record Function(GF829), it’s $128.13.  Or look for a less expensive, plain sound machine, the Singing Machine SmL-385 Top Loading CDG Karaoke System for $52.97 and the shipping is free.

Click on the picture of the devise you want and you are taken to Amazon where you can purchase it and have it delivered to your door in just days. Then you can start having fun. Most machines work off of electrical hook ups and batteries so you can take them anywhere. They even make great PA systems. If you you want to explore other options, you can there by using the Amazon product search bar just above the item you are looking at.

Here’s a video I did on the Sing Snap recorder online.

If I Were A Rich Man

Karaoke, that’s different than doing your own song and music.

An Example is Angie Miller on American Idol                       http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_NhisWuq9o

Or singing with a band or an orchestra or  not to pre-recorded music.     Wonder if I can find a video example about that?                                             Oh here is one from a movie.  Deanna Durbin sings with an orchestra.



I’ve sung with orchestras and bands and its a lot of fun.

Was that fun or what?


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Singing – Practice the Fun Way

Here’s an article about practicing.

“Let’s face it, even if singing is your greatest passion, practicing the same exercises over and over again can become extremely boring surprisingly quickly. After a while, you can end up avoiding practicing singing altogether because your brain dreads trawling through the same old songs and warm ups.

The problem is, as soon as you do that, your voice and technique quickly deteriorate and you soon lose morale – perhaps even give up your dream of singing altogether. I’ve seen this happen to so many aspiring musicians and what a waste of talent it is.

Here are a couple of ways you can make the already fun singing practice session more enjoyable.

Sing With Friends

All of us enjoy the company of friends. We love hanging out with them and spending time with them. Why not invite your friends to one of your singing lessons and have them sing along with you or have them as an audience or better yet as critic so that you can even improve your singing.

Play Instruments.. With Friends

Singing lessons and singing in general always must have an accompanying musical instrument. Usually, a voice teacher would use a piano in teaching the student. One way of making singing practice fun is to invite your friends and do a friendly, informal jam session at the same time you continue with your singing lessons applying the theories and principles with you friends.

Sing … Karaoke*.. With Friends

Even after the formal lesson with your voice instructor, you can still practice your singing by singing using a Karaoke machine. This will be more fun if many of your friends join you. This way, you can have a bonding moment with your friends and at the same time you do your singing practice.

Play Computer Singing Games

There are many software products out there about singing. You have an option of purchasing an online singing lesson kit for you to enjoy as well as your friends.

These are just a few ideas on how to make singing practice a lot enjoyable! Hope it sparks some more ideas! Happy singing!”

I totally agree! 

Singing online Karaoke* can be  a lot of fun.  Sites like Sing Snap Karaoke have contests on a regular basis and groups for certain styles of music. Trevor, the boss, tries to always keep it fun. 100 free song to choose to record or you can become a paid member and get a much greater supply. But not all of my cravings for songs are supplied by any Karaoke site so I sing else where. Sure the regular places in the car and bath. “What is this charm music hath? Why does my voice sound so divine in a bath?”( from the movie “Can’t help Singing”   Watch that part of the movie. The singing part is 3 and a half minutes into the clip.

Let’s get in the church choir and local groups. They practice in different ways.

The most fun I’ve ever had at practices is at the Barbershoppers. There are Ladies and men chapters. Look them up in the phone and go have some great fun practicing.

5/7/2013 There is a fun video about practicing you can watch at:                              http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=fvwp&v=4YUhjpQze0U&NR=1           And you can then go to this man’s website for his                               http://www.myfreesinginglesson.com/

Go watch and see what you think.

Myself, I’d just start singing.

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Singing With Karaoke-What is Karaoke?

Karaoke is prerecorded music or canned music. You can sing to this music.


Karaoke is singing to recorded song music that has the solo vocal track removed; where the singer sings the solo part.  Originating in 1985-1990 meaning in Japanese, = kara empty + oke orchestra.

Here is an online explanation of Karaoke and singing.

“Singing is a pastime that many people love to do and since the implementation of the karaoke machines, many like to practice their singing talents.”  “There are many different styles of karaoke machines available on the market to give participants some alternatives. An all-in-one machine will have the ability to use the player to play regular compact discs and karaoke discs. They have a brightly colored display that shows the words and they are a lightweight unit that is light enough to take the player to another’s house. They have at least one microphone input, but some of them have two. The features may differ between the units, but some other options one may find are, a reverb button, a multiplex button and a pitch changer. These units are great for at home for the kids who want to sing.

A karaoke player looks similar to a DVD player. These units are a little pricier on some, but offer better quality to most of the all-in-one home units. The pitch control, which singers appreciate this amazing item, allows the user to take the song up in pitch, until they can comfortably hum that piece. The low notes will be easier to hit.

There are updated versions being released all the time and for individual users the karaoke player connects to a TV in a brief time, which makes it simple to connect and unplug as one uses it. The price ranges great depending on the quality and the trait found on a unit. Some karaoke disc companies make the CDs and each company releases their own soundtrack of songs per disc. They average in price of around twenty dollars and the number of songs varies between companies. Some of the discs offer the singers two versions of a song. One version is to hear and learn the song with an artist, and the other version has background music only, with home singers providing the vocals.”

I have cassette with radio option machines that are battery and electricity operated machines. I have one with a CD player too and I have one that uses 8 track tapes that sound fantastic. If it works and has a microphone, you don’t need a video display to show you the bouncing ball in order to have fun singing.  You can even find musicians who perform at care centers and assisted living centers and join them and then you’ll have live music and don’t have to rely on a machine.

There are many online Karaoke sites with free to paid memberships, you just need a cell phone, lap top, or desk top computer and you are in the business of having fun with Karaoke sing along. Everything the article writer talks about is online and at a lower cost.

There are three fine sites with links on the home page. Check into it.


There are contests too in Karaoke. This one is a big deal each year in Las Vegas:


Check them out: http://theworldseriesofkaraoke.com/

‘Til next time, this is Jay Beacham signing off.

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Singing Voice

I went to an article about the voice used for singing. This guy has some good advise.

“The singing voice is one of the most beautiful instruments in the world and everybody has one! Learning how to use your singing voice and how to sing good takes a little time and effort on your part and I’m going to explain the fastest, easiest way to go about it.

When learning how to sing, the first thing you’ll want to do is get together with a decent vocal coach. The first place I’d suggest searching is at your local college or university. Simply go to campus and find the music department. Then find the voice department and get the contact information of the head of the department and of some of the top singing instructors on the faculty.

Of course you could just go to some joe shmoe singing teacher that you found through a flyer on a bulletin board somewhere but I have to tell you that there are a shockingly large amount of incompetent vocal coaches out there and you want to avoid those people at all costs. Aside from draining you of time and money, these vocal instructors can ruin your voice forever and at best, you’ll be going to them and consistently find yourself frustrated that you’re not really learning how to sing but it’s not your fault!

The reason you should go to a university to find a teacher is because these are people who have received a thorough musical and vocal education and are much more likely to know what they’re doing and be in a position to help you succeed.

However, even in the university musical environment, not all the teachers actually know what they’re doing! So you’re going to need to test them. Here’s how. First off, your first meeting with them shouldn’t cost you a dime. They haven’t proven their worth to you yet and you shouldn’t have to pay for a service whose quality you haven’t yet determined. Then ask them to sing for you. They should sound pretty much amazing and blow you away. If they sound just OK or so-so, move on to another teacher! I mean, how can they possibly teach you how to sing if they can’t do it themselves?!

The most important test you should use is the larynx test. The larynx is the voicebox, the little bump on the front of your neck. If you want great singing technique, the larynx has to remain in a low, stationary position at all times. Ask your prospective instructor what they think about the position of the larynx. If they’re not sure or don’t have an opinion, move on because there’s only one correct answer! The reason this is so crucial is because the low larynx is one of the most fundamental and important principles of free, healthy singing and if a teacher ignores it or thinks it’s unimportant, you’re asking for vocal trouble by becoming their student.

Now I know that vocal coaches are super expensive. So another fantastic way for you to improve your singing voice quickly and from the comfort of your own home is to use Singing Software courses that teach you how to sing and run you through exercises and some sort of structured program.”

I agree.  When I was growing up I heard my mother singing around the house and as she worked and she taught her children many songs that way and a love for singing. All four of us love to sing and two of us have been paid to sing. When she was young, she’d write the words to songs she liked in a notebook as there was no money for sheet music. Her younger brother and sisters were able to get some sheet music and even one brother, Jerome, had a one man band. I’ll talk more about him another time. Her mother played the organ and she had a professional cowboy singer cousin. But she said she couldn’t sing. However, last year shortly before she died at age 96, she would sing the songs she remembered to the nurses and all who visited her home.  Once I couldn’t remember the third or fourth line of a 1940s song so I asked her. “Get me started” she said and after I sang the first line she continued the song to the end for me thus helping me to learn the words.  There were times she’d sing me songs I’d never heard before that she remembered from her childhood.

Now my father used to whistle and sing while he worked and while he milked the cows. The were very calm and gentle listening to his voice. That didn’t work for me.

And the town I grew up in was a very musical bunch of people back to Swiss immigrant days when their was the Staheli Brass Band.  We sang in school, the principle teaching us songs, and each grade teacher too, but he said,  “What one lacks in quality, they can compensate for with gusto and volume.”  Many in my town played different instruments of sang. And in church, every age group would sing in groups or choirs.  Several young men even produced a LP record.

As a boy in the age group I was in , I sang soprano of course then. Once we sang “My Mother’s Prayer“.  My voice was golden and all around me said so.  Later after my voice changed, my first solo was “Brother Can You Spare a Dime.”  Then I went to high school and in English, the 10th, 11th, and 12th grades were combined and studied a different aspect of English in a different room each quarter. In my 11th grade, the last quarter was about poetry and verse, lyric poems and the like.  When we came to the section on writing ballads, the group I was assigned to wrote our ballad and had to sing it.  The guy who knew how to play the guitar was a senior and he suggested we sing it to the music of the Beetles song “Yellow Submarine”.  I’d never heard the song before, even though I worked at a radio station, so I didn’t sing with the group to well and with the pitch being so much higher than my bass voice, I sounded bad.  One of the guys listening said, “Beacham, you can’t sing.”

So when I enrolled at the junior college (Dixie) a year later, I signed up for voice lessons from one of the teachers, a lady named Roene DiFoire. She taught music theory and a fun class called Program Bureau. The Program Bureau went to schools and civic events to do programs and to high schools in several states as a recruiting tool for interesting future students in Dixie.  Mrs.D., as she was affectionately called, found talent and cultivated it among all the students she came in contact with. She loved the element of surprise and had me do my first solo for the group at a performance at a local elementary school.  She had me sing “Asleep in the Deep”. It is a deep bass song that her father used to sing. Another one was the “Big Bass Viol”. When I had my first big sing, it was for the “Utah State Fireman’s Association” convention at the Dixie High School Auditorium before a packed crowd. I was an instant hit.  You know, I don’t know if that boy from high school who’d said I couldn’t sing, ever heard me or not. But I guess that doesn’t matter much.  I just opened an email from someone wanting to buy one of my singing cds.  Mrs. D. died a few years back and now there is a center for the arts called the DiFiore Center named in her honor.

Then I sang in a men’s chorus for 16 years after my wife died. One of the members, though now dead too, always said, “It hard to be sad when you are singing.”

Even Neil Diamond’s “Song Sung Blue” expresses this thought.

The article talks about Karaoke and it’s value to cultivating a singing voice.  Amen. That’s right. I’ve done online Karaoke  for 6 or so years and have seen improvement in me and many others because its singing in a safe environment. And it’s fun.

I bought a singing course once called “Anyone Can Sing“. i haven’t looked at the book in years but may incorporate in in a course i might do someday.

A friend who used to sing Opera and with the Mormon Tabernacle Chior, said I perhaps ought to take more voice lessons. I can’t afford to. But I don’t think one really needs those top learn to sing well. More on that at a later date.

Well, my arms are tired from typing so I’m done for tonight. I’ll catch you another day.







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What of social sites and singing?

There are on line karaoke sites and I think they are the best social sites.

Let me explain with some old blog posts.

I have noticed that with the changes on facebook, that unless I go to somebody’s wall, I seldom know what they are up to because FB decides what it thinks I should know or not know. I couldn’t connect with the guy I sit by in a men’s chorus I’m in or even with my own younger brother because all knowing FB said I didn’t know them. Finally did get my brother on the list. And about the posts, you are so right. On My Lincoln FB page the current month’s posts are only listed as one line notifications. Which is distressing. On Squidoo they closed my popular “A Healthy Me” page as I told you once before and now have locked another one saying it has to many out links. I couldn’t edit it for a long while and when I did and only put in One link to one spot but several times it has been locked. I’m not even sure that real people ever review these things or robots.On Linkedin, a person must know someone’s email address before they can send a message or connect sometimes. How often do you ask a person for their email address when you talk to them? And if you haven’t seen that person since high school, college, a mission or childhood, how are you supposed to know their email address which people change like they change their socks.I wrote a blog post on my main page about social sites ( http://jaybeacham.com/2012/02/06/is-there-a-best-social-network/) that post links to a longer post at:http://www.myspace.com/177349516/blog/545268093That explains my thoughts on the subject.Its long. At the end I mention a sing site I participate in. A member in Alabama has paid my way for a year and a half. A member in Florida talks to me on occasion on the phone and has bought dvds and cds from me. A member in Norway wrote today and asked for my prayers in her behalf with the surgeries she is having. When a friend in Brazil had a birthday, members world wide gave her a surprise birthday celebration.All on line of course. Most of my fans and singing partners and favorite singers are from Australia to Finland, Malta to California, Brazil to Canada. It is truly a friendship place unlike the sterile rule bound FB.You are right about Twitter. The more one follows, the more posts, that would take 24/7 watching to catch even a portion of it let alone anything what might be of interest to me.I’ll pass Real Fame on. It has great merit. Thanks,And please let me know what you think about my little article.Jay Beacham http://jaybeacham.com/ .

Social Networks.(March 6, 2012)

I have been on My Space the longest.

Then Facebook, Stumbleupon, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.
When I didn’t record more on My Space K-solo Karaoke site, a fellow singer invited me to SingSnap.
I’ve been on Karaoke Play, Karaoke for Cash, Karaoke Channel. K-solo, and Sing Snap.
I like Twitter and my connections with people on a number of other sites.
And for the time my daughter has lived in the South Pacific, I’ve found Facebook invaluable in keeping in touch with her. She messaged me from Figi today. Weather is sunny and no rain so the plane may leave as scheduled.
I’ve run into many problems at some of these sites.
but the most frustrating ones seem to be at Facebook.
Let me explain some of those with my post, the responses and my take on things as follows:
Question of all friends:
How do you respond to this?
“We received feedback that you sent friend requests to people you don’t know, so you won’t be able to send friend requests for 30 days. Learn more.
If you think you’re seeing this by mistake, please let us know.”
If I try to request a friend of someone I know I get this message.
How does one “let us know”?
Can’t even send a message to my own brother because I can’t possibly know him.
I know a girl, her grandfather sings with me in the Master Singers, I knew his parents, know his brothers and sister, but fb claims I can’t know them because we have no mutual friends. But I get hundreds of “why not add as friends suggestions from fb for people I’ve never heard of just because we have mutual friends.
Do these actions by fb make any sense to anyone?
Unlike · · Share · January 29 at 1:29am
You, Sherry Milne and Relle Hansen like this.
1 share
Accalia Hancey Hinton: Strange… I don’t know, maybe close your account and start a new one??
January 29 at 1:56am
Relle Hansen: I’ve made a few requests that were not friends of friends when I found them by facebook search, but maybe they’ve changed their policy, though they still offer “search friends”. Could you make requests via Email address? That’s how I got my first friends – imported from my Email contacts list….
January 29 at 2:11am ·
Jay Beacham I’ll try that Relle.
January 29 at 2:14am ·
Steve Brunton: Isn’t this called a social networK? I have made alot of friends that I wouldn’t of known had I not sent out friend invites to friend of friends but apparantly if someone complains which I dont understand why they would, all they have to do is decline, big brother facebook steps in and cuts you off from sending out anymore. Apparantly, if someone doesn’t respond in a timely manner it is considered you sending someone a request you dont know. I have had this happen as well Jay. The other thing is, they do this and there is no way to fight it, it is like guilty before innocent. Maybe it’s time to start a petition like they did to get the banks to back down from adding fees. I am glad you brought this up, it has bothered me as well.
January 29 at 7:58am ·
Relle Hansen: Another tactic might be, when you do know the prospective fb friend, to call them or ask them in person, giving them your E address to “friend” YOU! Or you can Email them the request if you have their E address…
January 29 at 2:09pm ·
Sandy Davison: Wow, that’s crazy. A request for a friend is just that. They can always deny it! They don’t know what they are missing, Jay!
January 29 at 2:40pm ·
Jay Beacham: ofttimes I don’t know the e-mail address. That is what Linkedin demands. Like I ask people for their email address and not their phone number.
January 30 at 1:12am ·
Jay Beacham: Almost as if a person doesn’t exist unless they have an email address and everyone knows what it is, as if there were directories published like phone books telling us everyone’s email address. Let’s start one of those and put it out in hard copy. Steve, I like your idea of a petition. Where do we start to petition FB?
January 30 at 1:16am ·
Jay Beacham: Do you folks mind if I use your ideas in my weekly video blog?
January 30 at 1:17am
Steve Swapp: No, they don’t. It’s nonsense. If someone doesn’t want to be my friend on Facebook, it’s easy for them to deny my request.February 2 at 3:05pm
One of them said go ahead.
FB won’t let me contact my younger brother or the guy who stands or sit next to me in the men’s chorus we’re in because I don’t know them.
But 90% of the friend requests I get on facebook are from people I don’t know but have mutual friend with.
Does FB believe that mutual friends is the only way to know people?
And the tech help?
No one to email or call at FB. How do “I let us know” as the message said?
I have no way.
At My Space, Tom, the boss, emails all the newbies and welcomes them to MYSpace.
At Sing Snap, Trevor, the boss, video messages everyone on a regular basis telling of contests, events, or other happenings at SingSnap.
If I have a tech problem, I get a response from a real person within 24 hours to help me solve my problem.
We all have the common interest at Sing Snap: the love of singing.
If I record a song and people listen and comment on it, I listen to a recording or more of theirs and comment on those and visa versa.
There is messaging, which is as good as online chat.
If someone is ill, prayers, songs, and messages of support go out to that person.
Links are shared and people follow them whether to a SS spot or
to somewhere else on the net.
And people are helpful. If they find something good, they share and no one is offended.
People become real friends even off line who didn’t know each other before Sing Snap.
A world of difference between Sing Snap and FB.
Of the two, Sing Snap wins as the best social network.
There are others that are okay and there are those who really don’t care about the people in the network.
The other day I was in a $Tree store and a lady at the check out stand in front of me asked the clerk if the store
carried balloons that sang Happy Birthday.
No was the reply,
“I’ve got to have one for my husband’s birthday.”
The lady just in front of me said her husband had bought her one several years back at Albertsons for $6.
“Oh thank you”, came the reply and she left.
Then the clerk at the next register asked if my clerk had told the lady about the Party Store as that is where she had found that item.
No, she hadn’t thought of it.
To this I said to my clerk, as I got to the register, that this was true word of mouth advertising and no one was offended
but grateful for the information.
“Yes”, she said unlike the internet where people are offended if anyone shares such useful information with them.
Sing Snap is like that experience in the store.
People at Sing Snap like people and enjoy helping each other and are grateful for the help.
If someone is ill who is a member on Sing Snap Karaoke, Prayers are requested, names put on prayer lists. These people care. Isn’t that social?
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