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searches for “Is singing healthy?” ” Is singing Fun?”

Today I did 2 online searches for “Is singing healthy?” ” Is singing Fun?”
I found all of these listings on the first page of each search.
My site even showed up on one first page. I’ve highlighted it.

Why Singing is Good for Your Health – Dr. Ben Kim
Looking for a fun way to get and stay healthy? Try singing on a regular basis. But not any old singing will do. The kind of singing that will provide you with significant health benefits has…
How Singing Improves Your Health (Even if Other People …
Singing can boost your immune system and sense of well-being, while reducing stress and pain.
10 Tips for a Healthy Voice – Live Science
10 Tips for a Healthy Voice. … so it is very important when you’re speaking or singing to think about what people are really hearing.
# is singing healthy – FREE Singing Tips Video
@ is singing healthy best Singing Lessons near me ★★ [ IS SINGING HEALTHY ]. Learn vocal exercises & performance tips Today! (BEST TIP)
# is singing healthy |Become A Better Singer
Mar 30, 2018 | @ is singing healthy Like these Singing Lessons ★★ [ IS SINGING HEALTHY ]. Online Courses in Singing Techniques Try! (90+ millions of people visits)
# is singing healthy – FREE Singing Tips Video
@ is singing healthy Make Your Voice Sound Better ★★ [ IS SINGING HEALTHY ]. Watch these free videos Today! (17+ millions of people download)
6 Ways Singing Is Surprisingly Beneficial To Your Health …
There are some surprising health benefits linked to the practice of singing. … 6 Ways Singing Is Surprisingly Beneficial To … Surprisingly Beneficial To Your Health
Is singing healthy – Answers.com
Singing is indeed healthy. Physically, singing excersies facial, throat and vocal muscles, as well as the lungs, most important.
is singing healthy & 10 Minute Vocal Exercise
31/03/18 | @ is singing healthy Easiest Way to Sing Better ★★ [ IS SINGING HEALTHY ]. This works if you actually try! (LEARN NOW)
Singing Changes Your Brain | TIME.com
Singing Changes Your Brain. Group singing has been scientifically proven to lower stress, relieve anxiety, and elevate endorphins

Why singing makes you happy – Telegraph
Sing For Fun www.singforfun.co.uk runs weekends away on which you can combine a stay in a country house hotel with two days of singing tuition.
To have fun, be healthy and maybe even earn some income from your passion to sing. Singing a Song: Its fun and healthy. … I said singing can be fun and healthy.
Singing is fun – Home | Facebook
Singing is fun, Praha (Prague, Czech Republic). 458 likes · 17 were here. Individuální hodiny zpěvu pro děti i dospělé.Netradiční forma výuky za pomoci…
Singing Is Fun – YouTube
Hello all! this YouTube channel brings you the song sung by newcomers. we are dedicated to promote and support unestablished new singers. keep listening keep…
Is Singing Still Fun? – Singing Lessons with Jeannie Deva …
On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your enjoyment of singing? Do you enjoy it more or less than at some time in the past? If you are enjoying it more, keep doing what you are…
Singing Changes Your Brain | TIME.com
Group singing, for those who have … Singing Changes Your Brain. Group singing has been scientifically proven to lower stress, … and certainly more fun …
Singing Quotes (260 quotes) – Goodreads
260 quotes have been tagged as singing: Ellen DeGeneres: ‘Have you ever heard somebody sing some lyrics that you’ve never sung before, and you realize yo…
Fun – Official Site
Official website of American indie pop band FUN. Merchandise, tour dates, news and music. FUN. is Jack Antonoff, Andrew Dost and Nate Ruess.
Singin’ in the Rain (1952) – Trivia – IMDb
The “Singing in the Rain” number took all day to set up–and Gene Kelly … The final shot end scene with the Billboard for the fictional “Singin in the Rain”, …

This one is about the Biblical whys to sing religious songs.

this one lists several links to other fun singing sites.

I haven’t checked all of these sites yet but am going to.

Singing is fun and healthy.Jay 3

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Alone? Then Sing.

Today I received a message from a man involved in a Karaoke site as am I.

In his profile is his philosophy about singing.

It bears repeating:

If you feel alone in the world …then sing
that’s the best thing to heal the Soul from loneliness….
and it keeps You healthy… sing sing sing…. and
freedom will come with you

(contact him: easy_hh  http://www.singsnap.com/karaoke/member/easy_hh

HEHE- if u like my Songcreations tell your friends …i will have an ear on them…what about you… sometimes i am here in the chatroom ……i think  ich sing und DU triff mich auch in Paltalk gleicher Name
greetings from Hamburg –

find me in the other several communitys- skype or Paltalk in Germany…. same Nick or meet me in Paltalk in MY … Singingroom karaoke13 … Have a nice day…)


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Singing With Karaoke-What is Karaoke?

Karaoke is prerecorded music or canned music. You can sing to this music.


Karaoke is singing to recorded song music that has the solo vocal track removed; where the singer sings the solo part.  Originating in 1985-1990 meaning in Japanese, = kara empty + oke orchestra.

Here is an online explanation of Karaoke and singing.

“Singing is a pastime that many people love to do and since the implementation of the karaoke machines, many like to practice their singing talents.”  “There are many different styles of karaoke machines available on the market to give participants some alternatives. An all-in-one machine will have the ability to use the player to play regular compact discs and karaoke discs. They have a brightly colored display that shows the words and they are a lightweight unit that is light enough to take the player to another’s house. They have at least one microphone input, but some of them have two. The features may differ between the units, but some other options one may find are, a reverb button, a multiplex button and a pitch changer. These units are great for at home for the kids who want to sing.

A karaoke player looks similar to a DVD player. These units are a little pricier on some, but offer better quality to most of the all-in-one home units. The pitch control, which singers appreciate this amazing item, allows the user to take the song up in pitch, until they can comfortably hum that piece. The low notes will be easier to hit.

There are updated versions being released all the time and for individual users the karaoke player connects to a TV in a brief time, which makes it simple to connect and unplug as one uses it. The price ranges great depending on the quality and the trait found on a unit. Some karaoke disc companies make the CDs and each company releases their own soundtrack of songs per disc. They average in price of around twenty dollars and the number of songs varies between companies. Some of the discs offer the singers two versions of a song. One version is to hear and learn the song with an artist, and the other version has background music only, with home singers providing the vocals.”

I have cassette with radio option machines that are battery and electricity operated machines. I have one with a CD player too and I have one that uses 8 track tapes that sound fantastic. If it works and has a microphone, you don’t need a video display to show you the bouncing ball in order to have fun singing.  You can even find musicians who perform at care centers and assisted living centers and join them and then you’ll have live music and don’t have to rely on a machine.

There are many online Karaoke sites with free to paid memberships, you just need a cell phone, lap top, or desk top computer and you are in the business of having fun with Karaoke sing along. Everything the article writer talks about is online and at a lower cost.

There are three fine sites with links on the home page. Check into it.


There are contests too in Karaoke. This one is a big deal each year in Las Vegas:


Check them out: http://theworldseriesofkaraoke.com/

‘Til next time, this is Jay Beacham signing off.

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