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Over come #pain with #singing?

Can pain be overcome with singing?

Today a man named Drayton L of British Columbia listened to one of my songs recordings on Singsnap, an online Karaoke site. To pay him back for his kindness, I listened to one of his recordings and then two more.  He sings very well.

I learned that he once made his living singing.   Wouldn’t that be fun to do?

He’d been stopped by a serious surgery and said that singing helped him.

Well, I wrote him and asked if he’d like to contribute to this site and tell his experience with singing since the surgery.

Here is his reply:

“Certainly Jay 
Singing is probably one of the most potent and best medicines for whatever ails you. Twice, singing has brought back from the edge of a precipice.

The trouble started with a major operation on my spine. I was becoming a quadriplegic, and required a massive operation to repair my vertebrates C3-C7. There was a major screw up to the operation that took away my ability to eat and drink orally for two and a half years. I was fed through a tube in my stomach. What’s worse though is that it robbed me of my voice. I was a working singer at that time, working my way up that proverbial very long ladder to success. I had to go to a speech therapist to learn how to talk again, and then, to be able to sing. I’m still working at getting my voice back, but I think that ship has sailed, so I am happy with what I was allowed to have back.
Ever since that operation, I have had three subsequent operations and numbers four and five are being scheduled. I live with pain on a constant basis, and use morphine to try to get some relief. But it’s really not that bad, as I do have a secret weapon, and that is singing!

Why, you ask? Because when I sing, I leave my body and immerse myself into the song, and for a few minutes there is no pain. Only music. I have in fact been able to reduce the amount of morphine used when singing. 
Singing improves my spirits, which improves my outlook, and the first step to positive results is a positive mind. All I can tell you is that it has sure helped me.

Now some science advocates will say that this is not evidence.  Well, their science can’t feel what Drayton feels.  To me his witness will hold up  in any honest court.

I thanked him for sharing and hope that his experience will help others.

Well, until next time, keep singing.



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#Singing is #emotionally good for you.

This site is about singing being fun and healthy.
Well what about #emotional health?
I sing when I’m tired, discouraged, blue, sad, even happy.
Then I always feel better.
Deanna Durbin presented a song in the movie “It Stared With Eve” about how singing helps when down.
And how ones sings when happy in movie “Can’t Help Singing”.
Both movies can be had it a set from Amazon.

Deanna Durbin Sweetheart Pack

I’m deeply involved in an online karaoke site, SingSnap.
I check in daily and record and share and listen to songs.
I feel it is the best social network site on the net.
I explain in a post at
One of my aquaintainces who also sings on this site is Carlie. She and her husband Larry live in Texas.
One of her dear friends was Marion Borg of Malta.
Marion struggled with cancer and it won.
I’ve included the following from Carlie about her experience with grief and singing.
“I chose “Autumn” because to me when the trees are “dying”, they show their most beautiful colors and the sky is more blue than any other time of year. And so with that thought, I am trying to accept when my dear Snap Sis, Marion (zakky) died on the 24th of October and my dear Mom died on the 25th of October, perhaps when it was their time to leave this earth, they were at their ultimate beauty, inside and out. Singing is helping me find a closure~ Thanks if you L/C. Many hugs,”-Carlie 
I wrote:
Remember my song?
There are sad ones like Bright Eyes
Singing is good for the body and soul and is healthy.
“Hard to stay sad when you are singing” a friend once told me.
my web site?
The site about singing being fun and healthy.
Would you mind commenting on how singing is helping you emotionally?
“Oh yes, I remember Go To The Light

I’ve never heard Bright Eyes before, it’s lovely (commented about that) and I started crying and could barely see to type, but it was worth the tears. They are nature’s tranquilizer. I left a comment about Mom and Marion too.

I’ve attempted to go to your site, but the little circle keeps spinning And so, I’ll tell you on here how singing helps me emotionally, especially now.

When I sang Forever Autumn and the other dedication to Mom, I felt every feeling of sadness in my body being pulled to the song and out of me during the time I sang it. It’s like a cleansing while singing. Yes, the sadness came back, but it comes back with a step missing….as if singing it helped me take a step forward, not backward and not just standing in one place. For Marion, I spoke of her and told a story she and I always laughed about, I needed people to know what a wonderful person she was and then I put one of her songs below so the listeners could see her and hear her song.

When I sing a song, be it silly, happy, sad, deep, etc., it pulls me into the invisible world of the sound and words. I respond to that world with different feelings because it depends on the song, of course. I see the words and they become part of me, but, the sound of a song is invisible, therefore, one can make it your own, anyway you choose to sing it. That’s why I have “Sing It Your Way” on my profile.”

And just listening to a good song can help our emotional health.

“Hi Jay,
Can’t hardly see to type with all these tears. Thank you for sending this. You sang it beautifully and informed greatly. I keep asking my Mom and Marion to let me know they are okay, but they are silent or their spirits are…for now. Thanks again.
Hugs,” -Carlie

So when you are happy or sad, discouraged or hopeful, singing can be healthful to you.

That’s it for today.

Talk to you again.


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