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A Song A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

I think this is a good statement.

How did I come by it?  Well, I’ll tell you.

Last night I thought I’d share some of my recordings from Sing Snap Karaoke on Facebook which I seldom do.  The first two were recorded in 2011.

This one:

“WOW! I just simply LOVE your voice whether you are speaking or singing Jay! Did you used to be a DJ? You have the BEST radio voice. So soothing……..LOVED THIS!


recorded August 9, 2011
To my surprise, it got 14 likes and 2 comments:
Joyce Gifford Spencer

Joyce Gifford Spencer Very nice Jay! Love your voice.


Gina Montgomery
Gina MontgomeryAnd I STILL DO! :-)
And this one:

“MY goodness, Jay, you have one of the most awesome speaking voice I have ever heard. Geez, I thought it was an announcer announcing your song.

I love your singing voice, too” said Bonnie

September 26, 2011
which only got 2 likes.
I’ve known Gina for a number of years and have even sung duets with her, which is so fun to do online when she lives in Maryland and I in Utah.
I noticed that she hadn’t listened to the 2nd song, so I sent her the link on Sing Snap.
Her reply:

By GinaM


Hi Jay,
You are SO welcome mf!
The first time I heard you talk and sing I was BLOWN away! YOU mf are a PRO and what a voice you have!
I know I’m not on SS as much as I used to be and I don’t get around on here much anymore. Life gets in the way and my life has changed drastically over the years.
Sometimes it’s just hard to get through the day.
I’m so glad God gave us music to help us through.
Thank you Jay for sharing your talents with your fans, like me.
Have a goodnight and thanks for the link, mf.

I liked the “A song a day keeps the doctor away” in her status bar, so I asked to use it.

Her reply:



Lol! You sure can! ! I would be HONORED if you did mf!
Listening to your song right now and what a beautiful vocal you are doing on this!
Goodnight mf!

So that is how I came upon this little saying: “A Song A Day Keeps The Doctor Away”

I like it and think it’s true.

Even if you get ill or die, you’ll be happy when you sing.

One day shortly before my mother passed away at 96 years of age, she sang songs she’d known her whole life to the nurses and visitors who came to see her.

Hard to be sad when you are singing.

“A Song A Day Keeps The Doctor Away”

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