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Music as therapy

“Music can truly be therapy and help you get through the emotional roller coasters of life. Chances are, if you’re going through something that is putting your emotions on alert – someone else has been there before and sung about it!”-SingSnap newsletter 4/26/2023

It’s hard to remain sad when you are singing, even singing a sad song.   Neil diamond in his “Song Sung Blues” song expresses this thought.

Martha Graham, (Double Strung Harpist🎵 Certified Therapeutic Musician – CCM), on Instagram as HarpPeaceGiver gives examples of her therapy work with music.   here is one example: 

We can’t all play an instrument, but we all have our voice and can sing.

To entertain ourselves, we can sing when we are sad or happy, and give ourselves music therapy.

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Music Can Heal

Mark Taylor’s article tells some interesting things that Dr. Viskontas has to say about it and refers to her new book on the subject.

The Healing Power of Music and the Arts | SFCM

Music has power. The power to connect us, heal us, and change us for the better. That’s one of the main messages from opera singer, SFCM professor, and neuroscientist Dr. Indre Viskontas. Dr. Viskontas has her Ph.D. in cognitive neuroscience from UCLA, and M.M. degree in vocal preformance from SFCM. She also recently released a book called, “How Music Can Make You Better,” and compiled a special white paper on the crucial and positive effects on children involved in music.

The Healing Power of Music and the Arts

Indre Viskontas on the Intersection of Music and Neuroscience | SFCM

It’s worth following the links and reading.

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Stress, Pain, Worry? Music

A friend who has been ill while helping a sick daughter and trying to run her house and her daughter’s at the same time wrote me today and said life had been hectic which has prevented her from listening in to our favorite karaoke site recordings, said:

“…. still waiting to be called in for surgery. getting a little worse by the day and more painful so I’ve been slacking lol…I’ll listen …tonight once everyone is in bed and I have a few moments….”

My response was the following:

I can understand about life’s demand. sorry about the pain and delayed surgery.   Bee Armstrong of Louisiana is my Si ng Snap patron. Though she doesn’t work at nursing now, she has for years been an in-home health nurse to the elderly. And she understands the benefits of music and health. For years she’s used Sing Snap song recordings to benefit her elderly and infirm patients.

Also, a sister-in-law of my younger brother is a music therapist for the elderly.

Martha M. Graham

Double Strung Harpist🎵Clinical Musician Intern [Harp Therapy]🎶 Retired USAF Spouse✈️ LDS📖 Healed CFS w/plants🌱GF Vegan/WFPB🍉Passionate health foodie

Go to her Instagram page and listen to some of her harp playing.

Martha M. Graham (@harppeacegiver) • Instagram photos and videos

a song link from her: harp stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

This will calm anyone down.

My song site tells about it too. | SINGING IS FUN AND HEALTHY

This article is a good one on the subject:

Benefits of music |

One man told me that only music helped him cope with pain.


The same may work for you.
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Vicente Fernández Gómez Music cleans your soul

Today on Instagram, I watched a clip by Arturo Chaconc-Cruz where he talked about Vicent Ferandez Gomez saying that “that song and music are the “dry cleaner for the soul” … You have to clean sadness with music.”  We clean out the mess we have inside of us.

I believe he was right.

it’s hard to be sad when you are singing, even a sad song.

So who was Vicente Fernández Gómez (17 February 1940 – 12 December 2021)?

He was a Mexican singer, actor, and film producer. Nicknamed “Chente” (short for Vicente), “El Charro de Huentitán” (The Charro from Huentitán), “El Ídolo de México” (The Idol of Mexico), and “El Rey de la Música Ranchera” (The King of Ranchera Music), Fernández started his career as a buskar (a person who performs music or other entertainment in the street or another public place for monetary donations), and went on to become a cultural icon, having recorded more than 50 albums and contributing to more than 30 films. His repertoire consisted of rancheras and other Mexican classics.

Fernández’s work earned him three Grammy Awards, nine Latin Grammy Awards, fourteen Lo Nuestro Awards, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He sold over 50 million copies worldwide, making him one of the best-selling regional Mexican artists of all time. In 2016, Fernández retired from performing live, although he continued to record and publish music.

And who Arturo Chacon- Cruz?

Arturo Chacón Cruz (August 20, 1977) is a Mexican American operatic tenor. A winner of the Operalia competition in 2005, he went on to sing leading roles at many North American opera theatres, including Los Angeles OperaWashington National OperaSan Francisco OperaCarnegie Hall, and Houston Grand Opera. He has also appeared in many European opera houses, including the Teatro Real in Madrid, La Fenice in Venice, Bolshoi TheatreArena di VeronaTeatro alla Scala, the Theater an der Wien in Vienna and the Berlin State Opera.

He sings regular Mexican and English songs too.

Well, let’s get to cleaning by singing.

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Benefits of music

This am I received an email from Brian.

Hi Jay, hope you are doing well.

Do you enjoy listening to music? What types?

Because research now shows it can help your health and healing in some fascinating and little-known ways!

Discover 9 SURPRISING health benefits of music in my brand-new article for you right here

If you appreciate this article, please SHARE your comments at the end.

(And feel free to SHARE any songs / type of music you personally find particularly helpful in the comments section, too, if you want!)

Because in my new article, you’re about to find out:

— A concise overview of HOW music performs its magic on your body and brain

— 9 key health benefits of listening to music (from helping your memory to helping stress, pain, fatigue, and more)

— A TOP recommendation if you want to use music therapy to help you SLEEP better

— And more!

Head here for the new Benefits of Music: Suprisingly Powerful for Mind & Body article now

Finally, because smiles and laughter are always “good medicine”…

…And because I of course have many “dad jokes” about music that make my little kids giggle (and make my teen roll his eyes and groan)…

Here are a few of the best jokes for YOU:

What type of music do balloons hate?

Pop music.


What classical musical composer do chickens really love?

Bach. Bach Bach Bach.


How do you fix a broken tuba?

Use a tuba glue.

Now, I have one more great dad joke about music…

HOWEVER, because it contains sax and violins, it is not appropriate to share here 😉

Enjoy the important learning in this new Health Benefits of Music article, and enjoy your day.

To Living Long and Living Well,

Brian Vaszily

It sent me here:

It lists eight benefits.

Good reading that I recommend.


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Sing Snap is healthy for relieving stress

Trevor says that Sing Snap is healthy for people

Trevor is the president of the Karaoke site Sing Snap, located in Canada but with members around the globe.

He talks here about how kindness, gratitude and singing can relieve stress and make people happy when sad.  That singing is healthy.

 I agree.

And by providing a platform for people from around the globe to de-stress, have fun, and meet fine folks from all over the world, look at how many people he has helped and will help in the years to come.

Sing Snap is healthy for relieving stress

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Singing is Fun and Healthy -the book

Singing is Fun and Healthy-( – the book

A new book about singing.  It includes blog entries form this site and more.
A friend said,
“Wish you could teach me to sing.”
Singing is Fun and Healthy
Part 1
is a blog about singing, the fun of it and the health benefits,
the how and where to learn and practice all in the posts of this
by Jay Beacham
buy it at:
And Part 2
In the 1981 movie Chariots of Fire, Harold Abrahams, the 1924
Olympic champion in the 100 metres sprint, ran and sang. He loved
Gilbert and Sullivan and was in the Gilbert and Sullivan Society.
For both running and singing one needs lots of breathe. Mr. Abrahams
was very healthy, performing well in both running and
Many of us can’t run but we can all sing.
And we can add to our health in the process.
More about singing form “Singing is Fun and Healthy”
Buy it at:
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Breathe right to speak and sing right

I made a video for you Tube:

Breathe right to speak and sing right
Hello again, I’m here and I’ve been thinkin’.
This evening I went to song practice and in my pickup I have my radio tuned to one particular station.
It’s KWBR 105.7 FM the place to go for smooth jazz in St. George, Utah.
Well, the announcer came on to give the station ID like I just did.
He’s got a greatt voice but at the end of each phrase he goes (air sucking noise) to get air.
I’m thinking, maybe he had a big supper so he doesn’t have room to push the diaphragm down to
get the right amount of air. Then each phrase he’d go (suck air sound) again, and then he’d
(suck air sound) to get air.
I know he had to go fast but I’m thinking, “why didn’t he use his nose to breath with?” “God put it
there for more than just separating your eyes. I mean he didn’t put it there just to decorate your
And if you need some extra air, and if you’re going really fast like I am, maybe you could stop
for a second and let the air go into yur nostrils.
Or you could open and just let the air go in, not suck it in, just let it go in.
And using the diaphragm kind of helps the control of the air that you do have and lets you get more.
So you don’t go (suck air) to get air each time you do that.
Singers do that sometimes too and right before a phrase they go (sucking sound). Some of them
are really bad. But if you listen to the really good professional speakers and singers, you never
hear their breathing. At all. They just breathe through their nose or they use their pauses to
get the air they need to have.
You know it doesn’t really sound good when you you’re doing that sucking of air between each
So, I’m thinking, you know, these guys are professionals aren’t they?
News casters are really bad this way. You listen to some news stations and they all are sucking
Now the weather guy or the weather girl they generally don’t do that because they are more in a
conversational type delivery than the people giving the news.
But still, you could do there times that you do use a (sucking air sound) to get air, like
in the Pirates of Penzance, the song Modern Major General. Well this guy, some of them I’ve
heard don’t do any (air sucking sound) to get air but others after these long runs of talking, and
talking really fast, they do that ( sucking air sound) for dramatic effect not just to do it.
Because when you do that, it distracts fom what you are saying and people hear that
(air sucking sound).
So if you’re a professional and you’re trying to speak on the air or sing in front of a microphone,
I don’t think it’s to wise that you do that sucking of air. Better to learn how to use your nose,
that’s what God gave it to you for, learn how to use your diaphragm, it was given for a reason too,
maybe don’t eat so much right before you go to sing, so there’s more room for the diaphragm to
be moving.
Maybe that’s why they say to stand up tall or sit up tall when you’re singing, that might be why,
then you’d have place for that diaphragm to be going so you don’t have to suck air in between
(in) each pause.
Well that’s what I’ve been thinking today.
See you next time.

Video posted to You Tube Feb. 29, 2012
has been viewed 301 times Has received 2 comments:
Dee Taylor 7 years ago
Hi Jay, I find this excellent advice…I’m always looking for tips on how to improve my singing
and speaking… haven’t been on the net to much lately, catching up now…keep these videos
coming Jay, they are priceless..dee
CajunGirlBee 7 years ago
SOMEONE! LOVE YA BUNCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(to see it go to:

Breathe right to speak and sing right

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