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Music as therapy

“Music can truly be therapy and help you get through the emotional roller coasters of life. Chances are, if you’re going through something that is putting your emotions on alert – someone else has been there before and sung about it!”-SingSnap newsletter 4/26/2023

It’s hard to remain sad when you are singing, even singing a sad song.   Neil diamond in his “Song Sung Blues” song expresses this thought.

Martha Graham, (Double Strung Harpist🎵 Certified Therapeutic Musician – CCM), on Instagram as HarpPeaceGiver gives examples of her therapy work with music.   here is one example:


We can’t all play an instrument, but we all have our voice and can sing.

To entertain ourselves, we can sing when we are sad or happy, and give ourselves music therapy.

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Make music by singing

We can make our own music by singing even to ourselves.

And there are health benefits.

I received the following email today:

Hi Jay,

My name is Will tottle, I am an editor at My Audio Sound (https://www.myaudiosound.co.uk).

I just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know that I recently published a very comprehensive blog post titled “ How Music Helps with Mental Health – Mind Boosting Benefits of Music Therapy” While browsing your site, I noticed you linked to a same topic – page from this page http://singingasong.net/2013/12/.

I believe my piece is more comprehensive, (Almost 6000 words – 10 hours of research & writing) updated and quotes trustable sources.

Given your experience I would love to know your opinion on the article. And if you’ll find it useful, please consider referencing it from your post, or perhaps mentioning it in your future writing.

Here is the link for your review:

Thanks in advance for your time

Will Tottle

A great article.

You should study it.

And keep singing of course.

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I was tired…

Last Saturday, I was tired all day.
About 6 pm DT, Hank S. called, he had two tickets to a concert and none of his family wanted to go with him.
He asked if I would like to.
Sure. Why not.
He came and I rode with him. We were delayed by a police officer who claimed Hank’s car was going faster than the speed limit.
That could have been because his speed gauge acts eratically. At one stop light, at a dead stop, it read 90mph.
But despite the delay, we got there on time for the concert to start.
It was the Color Country Chorus-the local Barbershop singers group.
It was in a nice new High School auditorium with a sizeable audience.
The Chorus director was Chris Leonard.
The MC was Scott Fewell. He introduced but also told jokes. The jokes he read from cards,
The ones getting laughs he’d put in his coat pocket to use again he said., the ones that got little reponse, he threw into a convenient trash pail.
The whole show was called “The Truth About Men”.
The men were dressed in all sorts of clothes styles, one guy even wore a carpenter’s tool belt with hammer.
Some of the songs were parodies; some of which were very funny.
There were 3 quartets before the intermission interpursed with the chorus’s numbers.
After that one local quartet and then the guest quartet “McPhly”.
This group started in Denver in 2008 and consisted of four men, one now from St. George, 2 from Denver, and one now from North Carolina.
Curtis Terry, Brian Fox, (Travis Tabares was replaced mid March by) Tyler Wigginton , and Ryan Wilson
Their quartet ranks number 20 in the USA.
And they were sensational.
Stories and jokes and great songs.
They kept asking the audience if we were having fun.
They even had a sing along with “18 wheeler”.
To close the night, all former members of the Color Country Chorus or members of Barbershop from anywhere,
were invited to go to the stage and sing with the chorus “Keep the Whole World singing”.
I joined them too.
It was fun.
I saw and spoke to people I knew in the chorus and audience and meet the McPhly members and chorus members I didn’t know before.
I met and spoke with the chorus director and his wife.
Chris Leonard said that Utah State University in Logan, Utah offers a degree in Music Therapy.
He did a college research paper on the subject.
He told me of research about the emotions music evokes in people from different cultures, ie. western music.
He also referred me to a site on the web. “Music Instinct” (Science and Song)
There is information in video about therapy of instruments voice for young and old. Check it out.
It was fun that night and even though I was tired when I got home, I wasn’t dragging as I had been all day.
Music and people are great uppers.
Catch you next time.

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