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Vocal Training, Repair, Insurance

I just read about insuring one’s voice.

Never heard about that before.

This is interesting.

Do you need training or repair of your voice.

Here is a place where a lady teaches, helps, trains, discusses these things.

You should look at her site.

Here is a little:

Singing Lessons, Vocal Coaching, Non-Surgical Voice Repair, Based out of Toronto

Unique Vocal Coaching
Vocal Science is a holistic approach that specializes in accelerated vocal development. It allows speakers and singers to improve vocal clarity, projection, and pitch while learning how to sing and or speak in a way that protects their vocal anatomy for life.
Non-Surgical Voice Repair
Do you find your voice feels sore after a performance or a long day at work? Are you worried you might be losing your voice? Already lost it? Considering surgery? STOP!!! WE CAN HELP!
Speech Development Program
The Total Communicator program takes on a revolutionary approach to voice mechanics, significantly improving verbal communication. We specialize in speech therapy, treatment of vocal disorders and speech impediments.
Healthy Voice Workshops
Vocal Science Exploratory Group Sessions (Vocal Interactive Workshops) for all speakers and singers and for those with voice issues.
Founded by Diana Yampolsky: World Renouned Non-Surgical Voice Repair Specialist – Master Voice/Vocal Coach – Vocal Technician – Safe & Professional Vocal Performance Consultant.

Based in Toronto Canada, Ms. Yampolsky’s coaching concentrates not just on the voice, but on the performer as a whole. Her approach can boost stage confidence by improving the voice’s range, pitch and power. She believes that a singer has 25% natural talent, while 75% of a singer’s performance relies on technical training. Her special exercises enable the singer to meet any combinations of pitch and duration of sound. Ms. Yampolsky views the body as an instrument whose quality of well being determines the quality of sound produced and recognizes that the voice is a reflection of the ‘inner self.’ All courses are customized to the unique needs of each individual singer and program the brain using visualization and vocal repetition. The Vocal Science (TM) Method alleviates strain on vocal cords and develops proper use of facial and abdominal muscles while stressing posture.

Like I said interesting stuff.

check it out.

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