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Singing update from 4/2009

 Today on my main page, JayBeacham.com, there was a visitor from the Czech Republic who went to a post I’d done back in April of 2009 on the old MySpace. I’m glad that I reposted it in it’s entirety, as My Space deleted everyone’s accounts earlier this year.

It was about singing and so I want to repost it and let you readers think about the points I raised then.

“Last year in July, I started on the karaoke available here on My Space.

I did the ten free songs. One I re-did.  I’ve gotten some nice compliments and some more critical too. But as I wrote on July 11, 08, this is for fun not to try to impress anyone. I’ll probably pay for a year when I can afford to and try some more.
And singing can be fun.
The computer I now have actually plays the recordings so I can listen to other great singers and even some not so great. But like I said then if you’ve got the guts to try, that says a lot.
I hate auditions. Let me explain. Once I did an audition for a college group. I passed the first one and then for the second one I changed songs. A mistake I’m sure. I didn’t really like the rules of the group.  And even though the group represented the university, students were the judges. They were kind but the audience, mostly the girls would have stoned me I’m sure had rocks been available. I didn’t get in but lost no tears over it.
Still I dislike auditions as generally the director of, say a play, picks who he or she wants or thinks will fit the part. I know this having been a director myself..
At another college audition, a non-singer got a singing part because the director had promised him a part. The funny thing about that was that at the performance time many of the fine singers had the flu and sounded worse than the non-singer did. But the play’s several showings went well anyway inspite of some less than perfect warbling.
Fast forward to 2009, I was very impressed with Susan Boyle and Paul Potts on Britains’s Got Talent. They both proved what I’ve always said: “Many of the best singers, male and female, and actors and actresses will never get the chance to be known by the world.” Its great that they got their chance.
Also on that series, a trio of young girls (Soul something or other) started but were stopped by the judges who exclaimed that they were very bad. And they did this in a less than kind fashion. The one girl admitted that they were perhaps bad but that their rude handling by the judges was not right. I agree. I think that it would take a lot of courage to go onto a TV broadcast and before an audience of 4000.  This should have at least brought an acknowledgement of their bravery if nothing else.
The girl had another good point, Wouldn’t it be great if the judges there or in any such thing, performed something to show that they had a right to judge?
I’ve been to karaoke nights where when things are slow or not very good, the DJ will do a song or two to demonstrate how it can be done. They are always very good but of course they do have an advantage having heard the arrangement and practiced before showing up that night, where the audience members have no clue what is even available before that evening.
A member of the Master Singers, a male chorus I belong to, and his wife stopped me at the Boy Scout Expo this morning to ask why I was missing practices. I’ve been busy with Lincoln Shows and my own storytelling-singing shows. Sunday we are to sing in a Church service. Not having practiced, I’ll not go.
I have been invited to join the Southern Utah Heritage Choir by two of its members. That’s twice in a week. They go to Singapore in October to sing. It would be fun. But what with dues, travel costs and lost wages,etc.(I can sing in the church choir for free). Etc. being that planes and I don’t get along to well. Which brings me to my close. I leave you today with my poem to airsickness.
To Airsickness
When I was but a little lad,
I used to think I’d be quite glad
To be above the clouds, you see,
My parents would be proud of me.
But since I’ve grown a little bit,
I’ve several times been forced to sit
Aboard those airplanes, both big and small,
And pleasure from the flying feat
Was all lost there in my seat.
You think it funny, what I say?
I used the bag again today,
And rued the day as little lad
I’d thought that flying would make me glad.


I made several points and this was basically just telling about what I’d been doing in the area of singing but the points about rude judges and rude audiences in singing, rodeo or whatever are worth your consideration. Those judges and audiences ought to be chastised and should be made to try the feat themselves before being critical of those who do try. Those who try should be applauded for their courage and willingness to try difficult tasks before an audience.

What do you think?

Catch you next time.

Jay Beacham

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Who sings Karaoke?

Singing to pre-recorded music is Karaoke.

Who does that? Just the girl at the mall in the Philipines?  Watch her now:


Most people on American Idol, X-Factor, America’s Got Talent, Britain’s Got and every other country that has such contests sing to canned music.         Here’s an example that’s been very popular.


Susan Boyle’s first time on Britain’s Got Talent which now has an amazing
124,292,663 video views.  this is a great example of Karaoke singing.

When you go to a Karaoke DJ at a party or an event and he throws the lyrics up on the screen and you’ve never heard the arrangement before or it’s in the wrong key for your voice, the performance isn’t nearly as good as Susan’s fine performance.  But anyone given the right chance could most likely do the same as she did..

Listen now to a lady, Esthelle Kok from Holland do an online Karaoke performance. She lived in California as a girl. No video just fine audio. http://www.singsnap.com/karaoke/r/c67fad23e

She’s singing to her husband.

I bought a portable Karaoke machine with two microphones, CD player, 2 deck tape player and radio for $46 at a pawn shop.   Another time I bought a larger machine that also played 8 track karaoke tapes with a box of tapes for $50 at a thrift store. (It still plays fine with great sound. Why get rid of it if it works?)  You can purchase all kinds of great machines at this site:

http://www.gincomes.com/7762/     Jay’s place for Blog and Info Articles

Scroll down until you get to the “I recommend” box and click through the numbers, as only 4 items are listed per page until you come to the fancy with display screen machine: Karaoke USA Karaoke System with 7-inch TFT color Screen and Record Function(GF829), it’s $128.13.  Or look for a less expensive, plain sound machine, the Singing Machine SmL-385 Top Loading CDG Karaoke System for $52.97 and the shipping is free.

Click on the picture of the devise you want and you are taken to Amazon where you can purchase it and have it delivered to your door in just days. Then you can start having fun. Most machines work off of electrical hook ups and batteries so you can take them anywhere. They even make great PA systems. If you you want to explore other options, you can there by using the Amazon product search bar just above the item you are looking at.

Here’s a video I did on the Sing Snap recorder online.

If I Were A Rich Man

Karaoke, that’s different than doing your own song and music.

An Example is Angie Miller on American Idol                       http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_NhisWuq9o

Or singing with a band or an orchestra or  not to pre-recorded music.     Wonder if I can find a video example about that?                                             Oh here is one from a movie.  Deanna Durbin sings with an orchestra.



I’ve sung with orchestras and bands and its a lot of fun.

Was that fun or what?


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