Music and Pain


Music and Pain

I read an article about music’s effects on pain.

Music as Precision Medicine: Could Music Take the Place of Drugs?

A man on a singing site said when he sings the pain isn’t noticed.

Over come #pain with #singing?


The same day I read the article, I spoke to a lady who said she’d been in music her whole like and it didn’t help the pain.

Well, helps some people and some not.

What has been your experience?

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Here’s what the recently departed Lynn Fancher said about it on her SingSnap Karaoke profile:

Lynn Fancher of California
Hi my name is Lynn …..First I will tell you I am in a wheelchair as I have a crippling disease and I can not walk ….they also discovered I have had Multiple Sclerosis since 1991…I am very independent and music is part of my pain therapy ….. When I sing some will tell me I have a great vibrato ..but its not really vibrato ….My disease was discovered first in my left vocal chord and just recently this year 2013 in my right vocal chord …..and it has given me my very own style of singing ….I have been musical since the age of 5 when I did my first solo in a play ……….I played piano , cello and clarinet and organ all by ear ..I can not read notes . My music instructor would play the music to me and I would play it back …it landed me a place in my high school orchestra LOL but ..I have always had an ear for tone ……I started as a listener on another karaoke site called Ksolo ..after they closed down all my favorite singers who I have always admired came here to Sing Snap ….and they all helped to inspire me to sing …….I have some wonderful talented friends here from all over the world and they are all apart of my heart ….Music heals our souls I truly believe that …..Its the best feeling to be a part of so many here that love singing as much as I do
Died August 8,2017

“You Don’t Own Me (Piano)” Her last SingSnap recording.
By SugarBears 52 In the Style Of Grace
113 Views 43 Comments +
Audio Recorded on Jul 9, 2017 at 6:17pm
I’m tried …not feeling well but singing helps Thanks for dropping in. Love my SS friends Lynn



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One thought on “Music and Pain

  1. jaybeacham Post author

    Bee Armstrong
    May 6 at 8:29 PM

    If he said it, I believe it! Music soothes the soul. Everyone knows that. It helps relax muscles, which in turn, relieves pain associated with that!!!! Is it a cure? Of course not!!! It just simply takes you away to another place and you escape, if only for a moment! I, for one, treasure them moments!!! Thank you for posting this article! Hugzzzzzzzzz to all!!!!

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