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Does singing help the elderly with health problems?

A friend takes care of an old woman who when she hears a song she likes can only let others know by the sparkle in her eyes and her eyebrows moving up and down to the time of the music.

Does singing help the elderly with health problems?

Today at a funeral viewing, I meet Pamela from the hospice care, who attended the lady who had passed away.  As she and I and a co-worker of hers talked, Pamela shared the following interesting information and send it all outlined in an email to me.                                                                         Here’s what she said:

Hi Jay,
Hopefully this is what you wanted.

1. I haven’t seen this documented but many years ago, I learned that people who sing tend not to die of pneumonia. Probably not 100% but there is a good case for healthier lungs of people who sing!

2. There has been research on the following: When people sing in unison, shortly thereafter,  their breathing  and heart rates begin to match. Thus they are united in voice, spirit and body.

3. When individuals are affected by dementia, they may be confused most of the time, but when they hear familiar music that they enjoy, they often come back to themselves in essence and remember tunes and often the words.
There is an organization called Memory and Music (ck out this website):
The premise is that if people with dementia can just have their own music and listen to it daily, they are calmer, more social, and actually need less medication.
Jay, I worked for a year to “capture” the favorite music of a lady who already had alzheimers and finally decided it was too upsetting for her. It was interesting while I was working with her. The best case scenario is for families to document their loved one’s favorite music, singers, and performers before they lose their memories. They then can put together the music for them to enjoy wherever they spend their final days.
And for that matter, we could easily put together our OWN favorite music to have when we are in that situation, heaven forbid! 😉
Pamela Jensen
Bereavement Coordinator
Dixie Home Rehab and Hospice
2019 E. Riverside Dr. Ste. A102
     St. George UT 84790
     Cell: 435-669-9903
   Office: 435-627-2724


Thanks you Pamela.  That is very interesting.

Until next time, so long.

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