Breathing when singing

Breathing when singing.

How do you breath when singing or talking for that matter?

Here is a short video presenting some ideas about it.



Lena Horne used her nostrils and just opening her mouth to let the air in.

check her out singing:


Others don’t but gasp for air.

Here’s an example of an air sucker behind a recording I did:

Using air sucking for dramatic effect is a proper use in singing.

Here’s an example from the Pirates of Penzance, where the Major General sings:


Which do you prefer?

For a pleasant listen it is best to learn breath control for microphones pick up every little sound even our breathing.

Do you breath with ease?

Andrea Bocelli sings almost effortlessly:


With your diaphragm?

Here is a link to a good article about it:


Correct Breathing and ‘Support’ for Singing

And two video lessons by Chip Jenkins, where she shows how to use the diaphragm and gives exercises to do:

photo    default

and by Sue Govali , where she goes through exercises:



With your chest?

This comment is applicable:

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Exploring the physiological reasons for good posture and effective breathing is introduced when the student is old enough to begin understanding the science behind what we aim to do as singers. As a voice teacher, I feel it is important for each student to understand how his or her instrument works and why.

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