An Updated “Is Singing Therapeutic?”

On 7/26/2013 I wrote a post titled “Is Singing Therapeutic?” Today I was doing a search to see where I ranked and found my post fourth from the top. The top link was to an article written 10 days earlier than mine on the same basic subject. It was written by one Stacy Horn about […]

Is Singing Therapeutic?

Some say that singing is therapeutic. That it’s healthy. Here are some interesting facts about that subject and links the the research about it. Read the why from:  “The Therapeutic Effects of Singing in Neurological Disorders”   by Catherine Y. Wan, Theodor Rüber, Anja Hohmann, and Gottfried Schlaug  (Just portions of these articles are quoted) “Music […]

Feeling blue?

A friend from North Carolina just buried his 52 year old sister last week. Today he emailed me: Feeling blue….but sometimes we have to. The song he sang and shared expressing his feelings is “GOOD MORNING HEARTACHE” I wrote back and referred a song or two that I’d made recordings of and referred him […]